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Hazrat Sultan Bahoo Blog is an online platform of international community of Sultan ul Arifeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo. Sultan Bahoo international Community (blog) can learn every thing regrading Hazrat Sultan Bahoo life, teachings, books and even current spiritual descendant of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo R.A

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Sultan Bahoo | Ism-e-Allah Zaat | Sultan ul Ashiqeen

Man has been granted the Zikr-e-Ism-e-Allah Zaat (invocation of the Personal Name of Allah) because this is the most powerful name of Allah which possesses powers of all His attributive names. This name is so powerful that if it is placed on one side of a scale and the whole universe, heaven and the hell on the other, then the side heavier is that of the Personal Name of Allah ( اَللّٰہُ ). Zikr-e-Ism-e-Allah Zaat empowers soul with the enlightened insight prerequisite for the Deedar (Vision) of Allah....

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