Renewal of Love


Renewal means to revive, to refresh and to strengthen. In the path of Divine love renewal of love means to increase, refresh, and strengthen the love, loyalty, sacrifice, and sincerity with every passing moment.


The result of trials

In the path of love, the lover rises to the station of beloved after passing through trials. But this journey to the station of belovedness is endless because in the path of Divine love Divine vision is endless. After going through a trial. True lover tries to find his beloved, but success is only a step forward. Then he comes to know that the destination is still ahead. Then he gets rid of his faults and shortcomings. Makes his intention and action beautiful with honesty and loyalty for the sake of his beloved’s Divine vision. He renews his love and succeeds despite trials and difficulties and reaches the Divine court. The beloved bestows his lover with eternal grace and promise.

Nothing is enough in Love

Divine love is an eternal blessing, and its greatest quality is:

هَلْ مِنْ مَّزِيْدٍ

Which means that the Divine vision and union with Allah once will never be enough. A lover is the one who longs for the Divine vision and theophanies continue to descend on him day and night. He also goes through some different circumstances. Sometimes he receives peace of mind by theophanies of happiness of Allah and sometimes he faces pain, horror, and fear due to the theophanies of wrath of Allah. When the seeker of Allah is put through different situations, then his Divine love is renewed, and this makes his passion for love more mature and refined.

Principle of Universe

Change is the principle of the universe and when a seeker of Allah faces the theophanies of happiness of Allah his inward and outward changes frequently. But it is necessary for the seeker of Allah not to dwell on a particular station or theophany, nor be proud upon them because whosoever stops at that stage his journey of renewal of Divine love ends.

Holy Prophet (pbuh) says: “Peace is forbidden for the inwards of saints.”

Here, peace means to stop at a certain stage. The most effective theophany of inward is the theophany of Divine love. The changes in the seeker’s personality due to this theophany are visible. The glow of Divine love makes his outward and inward attractive and beautiful. A rare diamond cut with Divine love. Regarding this Sultan Bahoo says: The special theophany is that which manifests due to the pain of love for Allah.

What should seeker of Allah do?

In this path of love, the seeker’s direction should be towards the blessed face of his spiritual guide at every moment. Seeker should color in the same color and the style the spiritual guide adopts. The seeker should adopt a new style of worship when beholding the sacred countenance of the Murshid. One should acquaint himself with every gesture from his eyes like a true seeker. One should adapt his every word and action accordingly. It is not possible to be obstinate in the path of Faqr.

talib e maula

Change is Love

The name of changing every moment is love, the name of changing one’s habits, traits and nature is love, preferring the will of beloved over one’s own ego is called love, to love Allah is love and to annihilate oneself by diving into the immortal sea of Divine love is love, to take a sip of faith, to perish, then to return to eternal life, eternal life after eternal life, this is every moment of your renewal of love.

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s point of view regarding seeker of Allah

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen says about this condition of seeker of Allah:

“The inner state of the seeker of Allah keeps varying because he is surrounded by various theophanies of Allah every moment. Allah never repeats His theophany therefore the inner state of the seeker of Allah also keeps altering.”

“The seeker of Allah should be like sunflower. The sunflower is always facing the sun, likewise the center of attention for the seeker must always be spiritual guide.”

Glory of Allah

Islam has been molded according to the nature of man and a man has been shaped according to the nature of universe and the manifestation of Allah is evident in the nature and laws of universe. There is a new glory of Allah every moment. The reflection of the same glory of Allah is visible to us in the real world and spiritual world.

Importance of Change

These both worlds are standing because of change and variability. If you look at the sun and the moon, it becomes clear that the composition of the moon changes with each passing day as the moon of the fourteenth night reaches its peak, it changes into the moon of the first night. When the sun is close to sunset, it tells us about its experience from sunrise to sunset.

Real life examples

The world is the same but there is day in one corner of the world and darkness of night in another corner. Somewhere in the desert, the earth is scorched by the heat of the sun, and elsewhere the snow covers everything like a white blanket. There is no uniform time or season in the world. Human beings are different from each other even though they are the same, the leaves of all trees are the same but different from each other.

A bitter Reality

Neither is there only high nor is there only low; every downfall is followed by a rise and every rise is followed by a downfall. Every beginning has an end, and every end must reach a beginning. How subtle is the flowing river, if it continues to flow, it is pure and clean, and if it stops, it is smelly and impure. This is the wonderful law of change in the universe and in man

spiritual guide

Perfect Spiritual Guide and Renewal of Divine Love

The perfect spiritual guide is the criterion of renewal of Divine love by which the seeker of Allah can be judged. Recognizing Mohammadan reality in the present perfect spiritual guide is called the renewal of Divine love. That perfect spiritual guide is the spiritual successor of Holy Prophet (pbuh). Hence the bearer of Divine trust. And his every step follows the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

Reality of a Perfect Spiritual Guide

About perfect spiritual guide, Syed Abdul Kareem bin Ibrahim al-Jaili says:

“The perfect spiritual guide is the celestial pole around whom the whole existing universe revolves from pre-existence till eternity. Ever since existence started till eternity, he is unique entity. Then, there are different physical dresses for this entity in different ages (this entity appears in a different physical appearance in each era). In accordance with that physical dress, he is given a name that would not go for another of his dresses. His actual name is Mohammad, his patronym is Abu-al-Qasim. His epithet is Abdullah (absolute man of Allah) and his title is Shamsuddin. In every era he has a new name which suits the physical dress in which he appears in that age.”

“From pre-existence till eternity the Holy Prophet (pbuh) keeps changing his physical dresses in every era and only in the beings of “perfect individuals” does he manifest himself.”

Divine Love and Renewal of Divine love

It can also be understood that believing in Mohammadan reality is love. And in the present era, finding the vicegerent of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and being loyal to him is renewal of Divine love. Acknowledging the oneness of Allah in Divine covenant is love. In the present era, pledging allegiance to perfect spiritual guide is renewal of love. To know the Prophet (pbuh) as a universal Divine man, is called love, and in the present era, accepting a perfect spiritual guide a universal Divine man is called renewal of Divine love.

Love is present in everyone

The seed of love is hidden in every human being. But when this seed is enlightened with the greatest name of Allah (Ism-e-Allah zaat). It is known as renewal of religion, faith, and Divine love. Pledging allegiance on the holy hands of the saints of Sarwari Qadri order and with the help of Ism-e-Allah zaat finding the reality of Ism-e-Azam is also a renewal of the code of Divine love.

Divine Trust

Holy Prophet (pbuh) is the owner of Faqr. In every era, there is a perfect Fakir or spiritual guide. To whom the Divine trust of Faqr is transferred by the order and acceptance of Holy Prophet (pbuh). Which means that the chain of Divine trust is also ongoing with the principle of renewal. This chain will continue till the day of judgement. The present perfect spiritual guide and the bearer of Divine trust of this era is Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen, Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman. The Divine trust was transferred to Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen. From Sultan-ul-Faqr VI, Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali on 21st of March 2001. The followers and disciples of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen celebrate this day with immense joy and enthusiasm.


Our religion Islam teaches us the path of renewal. The greatest example of renewal is Ijtihad

Reference from book: The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

Allama Iqbal says, It demands loyalty to Allah. And since Allah is the ultimate spiritual basis of all life. Loyalty to Allah virtually amounts to man’s loyalty to his own ideal nature. The ultimate spiritual basis of all life, as conceived by Islam, is eternal and reveals itself in variety and change. A society based on such a conception of reality must reconcile, in its life, the categories of permanence and change.

Importance of Principles

It must possess eternal principles to regulate its collective life, for the eternal gives us a foothold in the world of perpetual change. But eternal principles, when they are understood to exclude all possibilities of change which, according to the Quran, are one of the greatest signs of Allah, tend to immobilize what is mobile in its nature. The failure of the Europe in political and social sciences illustrates the former principle, the immobility of Islam during the last five hundred years illustrates the latter. What then is the principle of movement in the structure of Islam? This is known as Ijtihad.

Efforts of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen in revival of Islam

Allah has given the task of revival of religion to His Saints. In the present era, its pioneer is Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen, Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman. Renewal or revival of religion means removing all temptations from Islam in all aspects, physically and spiritually, giving it a new life. Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen is the present era’s religious reformer.

Glory of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen

He has been conferred with the title of Shabeeh-e-Ghaus-al-Azam (Reflection of Ghaus-al-Azam by the Mohammadan Assembly in recognition of his efforts to revive the true religion and propagate the message of Faqr (Sufism) throughout the world. Just as Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani revived the true spirit of Islam during his era. Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen is following his footsteps and is engaged in renewing the religion. So that the religion of Islam may end sectarianism. And the message of Holy Prophet’s Faqr (Sufism) may reach every corner of the world. For this he has used every modern technology and every social media platform. For example, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and snack video. In fact, he is the Imam of this time. The Imam of the time is the one who revives the religion. According to that time or era and makes the treasure of Faqr (Sufism) common.

Abu Hurairah narrated regarding revival of religion that Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: “Allah will raise for this umma at the end of every hundred years. The one who will revive its religion for it.”

divine love


The purpose of this article is to explain the principle of change. Change that occurs in the religion, man, and the universe and to make it clear from the nature of this change that the renewal of Divine love is also very inevitable. Love also has a nature. That the seeker of Allah keeps on loving more with every passing moment and his faithfulness keeps increasing. For the recognition and gnosis of Allah. He should look for the universal Divine man or the perfect spiritual guide in every era. He should try to find the hidden Divine reality from him. With help of his heart he should recognize the universal Divine man.

May Allah Almighty grant us the opportunity to progress in the journey of Divine love. May He grant us the strength to renew our Divine love under the guidance of our beloved, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen.

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