sultan bahoo biography

Sultan Bahoo Biography

Sultan Bahoo is a prominent Saint of the Qadri order. There has been a lot of research and literary work on Sultan Bahoo biography. Below is an in-depth review of his life, his literary work and above all his unrivalled status of the Sultan of Faqr.

Marvels of Sultan Bahoo since childhood

Since childhood, he was known for his supernatural powers. Non-Muslims, who happened to make eye contact with him, whether intentionally or unintentionally could not stop from reverting to Islam. This miracle continued throughout the life of Sultan Bahoo. This was a testament to him being a special person who was chosen and destined to revolutionise Sufism. Very few people in history of Islam achieved the spiritual rank that he is stationed at.

Important Lesson from Sultan Bahoo biography

He received spiritual beneficence in Awaisi way. Generally, it is a prerequisite in Sufism for a seeker to adopt company of a living Saint and then complete spiritual training in his company. However, in Awaisi way, a seeker is spiritually blessed by the Holy Prophet (pbuh) or by the soul of an eminent Saint directly. Despite being a Saint by birth, he swore bayat on the hand of living Murshid like Ghaus e Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was a born Saint but he swore bayat on the hand of a perfect Murshid.

It is clear from the history of Sultan Bahoo biography that for a seeker of Allah, it is must to first search for a perfect spiritual guide and then complete spiritual training under his guidance to attain Divine closeness and presence in the Mohammadan Assembly.

Sunna of Prophet Mohammad and age of Sultan Bahoo

Sultan Mohammad Nawaz says:

Prophet Mohammad spent sixty three years in this world. Sultan Bahoo lived exactly the same number of year as the Holy Prophet did.
This fact is agreed upon by all the biographers of Sultan Bahoo life that his age was exactly sixty three years, neither a day more nor a day less.

Sultan Bahoo life – An emblem of blessings

Sultan Bahoo biography is the guiding light for the seekers of Allah in these times of materialism and chaos of mixed religious perspectives. He is known to bless at least a thousand people per day during his lifetime. His beneficence continues even now through his teachings. The true seekers are guided to his spiritual descendant who takes them to the Mohammadan Assembly for the Divine vision.

How to find living perfect Murshid of The Era?

All biographer of Sultan Bahoo biography agree that like the Holy Prophet (pbuh), Sultan Bahoo did not acquire exoteric knowledge through formal schooling. Yet, he authored more than one hundred and forty books on Faqr. This is indeed a marvel. He declares in all his books:

If someone is not able to find a perfect and accomplished Murshid, he should make any of my books his guide and medium. I will definitely guide him to a living perfect Murshid of the era.
It is proven from many incidents where seekers of Allah sought guidance and support through Sultan Bahoo books and they were guided to a living perfect spiritual guide. To read about such incidents, please read book Sultan ul Ashiqeen.

However, for the blind hearted people he says:

Those who are inwardly blind, they are deprived of gnosis of Allah since eternity, therefore they will never like my books.

Sultan Bahoo Books

Sultan Bahoo genealogy goes back to Ali ibn Abi Talib

All biographers of Sultan Bahoo agree on the fact that he was from the Awan tribe. Awans are from the Arab origin. They descend from the progeny of Ali ibn Abi Talib but from wives other than Fatimah bint Mohammad.

What is spiritual rank of Sultan Bahoo?

According to Sultan Bahoo biography, he is the beloved friend of Allah. He is the leader of Mystics and the Fakir stationed at the highest spiritual level of ‘the master of worlds’. Moreover, he is the perfect spiritual guide possessing the absolute light of guidance. He declares:

“I am the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide possessing the absolute light of guidance. I am the Fakir who holds the rank of ‘the master of the worlds”. (Nur-ul-Huda Kalan)

Definition of Fakir and Perfect Spiritual Guide

The Fakir who is the master of the worlds is the highest and ultimate rank of Fakirs. While, the perfect spiritual guide possessing the absolute light of guidance is the most superior. It is superior among those who execute the duty of guiding seekers of Allah on the Divine path of Faqr. They adorn the throne of Divine guidance and persuasion. Hence, these are the most elevated levels of al-Insan al-Kamil. Al-Insan al-Kamil is the Universal Divine Man. In other words there is no spiritual level higher than these.

Who has re-organised Qadri order?

It is evident from Sultan Bahoo biography that he re-organised and propagated the Qadri order of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani as Sarwari Qadri throughout South East Asia. He provided complete knowledge and information about this mystic way through his books.

How myraids of people benefitted from Sultan ul Arifeen?

According to Sultan Bahoo biography, he blessed thousands and thousands of seekers daily. To understand the that how a Murshid blesses his seeker, it is important to understand the concept of Khanqah and status of a Fakir.


Understanding Fakir and concept of his Khanqah

Perfect Fakir is the manifestation and proof of existence of Allah for the creation. Hence, he possesses all the Divine attributes and manifests the light of Allah with which he enlightens the society. Similarly, his khanqah is a place where the souls and innerselves of the seekers of Allah and common people are sanctified. Khanqah of a perfect Fakir has always been the fountain head of Divine knowledge which benefits the masses.

Role of Khanqah in purification of Inwards of Seekers


In contrast, common people are away from Allah and deprived of His vision. They love the world and worldly pleasures which is a trap. Further, it is a veil between them and Allah. At khanqah, the perfect Fakir removes this veil by erasing the love of world from the inwards of people. Likewise, their dark inwards turn into pellucid mirrors in which they can have vision of Allah. They become close to Almighty. As a matter of fact, the seekers of Allah find nourishment and strength for their souls from the sacred company of the perfect Fakir.

Sultan Bahoo biography as a source of beneficence

If anyone reads the Sultan Bahoo biography then one comes to know that he has rendered unprecedented services for the betterment of mankind and for guiding seekers of Allah on the Divine path. It is a right to confess that in fact Sultan Bahoo biography is a journey to spread the beneficence of love and gnosis of Allah. Hence, wherever he stayed for a while during those travels, there developed centres of righteousness and guidance for Allah’s men.


Sarwari Qadri order is present to date to guide the seekers of Allah. Notably the spiritual beneficence which was continued during Sultan Bahoo life, it is still continue even after his death from his shrine. The theophanies and Divine light emit from his shrine and bless the visitors. Another key point is that he also has left a grand and sacred asset in the form of books and mystic poetry.

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