Sultan Bahoo Shrine (birth of sultan bahoo)

Birth of Sultan Bahoo

When did Sultan Bahoo born

As far as birth of Sultan Bahoo is concerned, he was born on Thursday, 1st Jumada ath-thani 1039 H (17th January, 1630 AD) at the time of dawn (Fajr) salat.

Where was Sultan Bahoo born

Birth of Sultan Bahoo took place in Shorkot, Jhang Pakistan.

Who was Emperor in India at the time of Sultan Bahoo birth

At that time, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan ruled.

Significance of Sultan Bahoo’s name

Before him, no one in the history had the name Bahoo. Sultan Bahoo is the exact manifestation of the Divine name Hoo. In his books, he frequently calls himself ‘Fakir Bahoo annihilated in Hoo’ and describes his status of annihilation and immortality with Hoo.

Meaning of Bahoo

At one place, he writes:

اگر بائے بشریت حائل نبودے باھوؒ عین یا ھُو است

Explanation: He symbolizes ‘Ba’ in his name with his physical self, the human element, whereas ‘Hoo’ in his name indicates that inwardly he is entirely divine. He exclaims, “If ‘Ba’ of (human element) does not intervene, Bahoo is exact manifestation of Hoo ھُو .”

Inspiration about birth of Sultan Bahoo

According to Manaqib-e-Sultani, when mother of Sultan Bahoo reached Shorkot from Anga, she was bearing the sacred child. Through Divine inspiration, she was informed that her child would be the Sultan of Mystics and will be born in the valley of Chenab. When this sacred child was born, she named him Bahoo according to the Divine order. Bahoo literally means ‘with Hoo’. Sultan Bahoo says:

نام باھوؒ مادر باھوؒ نہاد

زانکہ باھوؒ دائمی با ھو نہاد

Explanation: Bahoo’s mother named him ‘Bahoo’ because Bahoo has always remained with Hoo ھُو .

Why was he named Bahoo

In Mehak-ul-Faqr Kalan he writes:

Bahoo’s mother named him Bahoo because he always remains with Hoo.

How Bahoo writes his name according to his book Mehak-ul-Faqr Kalan

Sultan Hamid writes his complete name as Sultan Bahoo. Nowadays, some writers have started writing his name as Mohammad Bahoo or Sultan Mohammad Bahoo but he always mentions his name as Bahoo in all his books. In Mehak-ul-Faqr Kalan he writes:

Thousands praises for Bahoo’s mother. Bahoo, the son of Bibi Rasti, finds pleasure only in the invocation of YaHoo (king of invocations / Sultan-ul-Azkar).

Beneficence started since birth of Sultan Bahoo

Since childhood of Sultan Bahoo, the Divine light (Noor/Nur) had been radiating from his sacred forehead and his eyes glittered with the refulgence of Divinity. This light showed its miracles from very early age. His mother remained engrossed in prayers and invocation as she was sure that the blessed baby would not disturb her.

Karamat of Sultan Bahoo

It is a fact that after birth of Sultan Bahoo, he did not take feed during the days of Ramadan just like Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. This was a miracle by infant Bahoo.

Since childhood of Sultan Bahoo his personality was so attractive and effective that on whomsoever his eyes were cast, his life changed totally. That person would recite the Islamic creed (Kalimah Tayyibah) without any persuasion and embraced Islam immediately. It was a strange situation that developed a sense of insecurity among the non-Muslims of the area.

After mutual discussion, they requested his father Bazayd Mohammad to announce whenever his child had to leave the house so that they could keep themselves away from his sight to save their faith. Hence, whenever he was about to step out of his house, it was announced and all the non-Muslims hid themselves in their houses, shops or fields. If, by chance, anyone of them came in his sight, he at once recited the creed and became a Muslim. The Divine light was so intensely illuminated upon his face that people helplessly sacrificed their beliefs in front of him and adopted Islam. This miracle of Sultan Bahoo continued throughout his life.

sultan bahoo birth quote

Why did Brahman accept Islam

As already discussed about miracles which was continued since birth of Sultan Bahoo, there is one more incident narrated here.

Once, he got very ill. A Brahman physician was requested for his check-up but he refused to visit and said:

“I am afraid if I will go in front of him, I will convert to a Muslim. Send his urine in a bottle for diagnosis of the disease.”

When Sultan Bahoo’s urine sent to the physician, he embraced Islam as soon as he saw it. It needs clarification here that the writer of Manaqib-e-Sultani had written that it was urine which went for diagnosis but according to the traditions passed on through generations, it was his kurta. Sultan-ul-Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali also endorsed that it was his kurta.

Hindus accepted Islam

Since birth of Sultan Bahoo he remained engrossed in heavenly experiences and doubtless spiritual revelations. Once, he was lying at some place in a state of spiritual absorption when a group of Hindu ascetics passed by. One of them hit him by foot and asked despicably to tell them the way. He got up and recited the Islamic creed. That group of ascetics immediately embraced Islam merely by his single glance and the stroke of creed recited by him. That group was afterwards included among the Saints.

Education of Sultan Bahoo

As far as education of Sultan Bahoo is concerned, he had no academic qualification or simply never went for conventional education. In his book Ain-ul-Faqr, he says:

Like Prophet Mohammad sall’Allahu alayhi wa’alihi wasallam, I also did not get formal academic education. We had the esoteric knowledge. The Divine experiences revealed such inspirational knowledge inwardly and outwardly upon me that needs a number of books for expression.
He says:

گرچہ نیست مارا علمِ ظاہر

زعلمِ باطنی جاں گشتہ طاہر

Explanation: Although, I did not get any worldly education but the esoteric knowledge has completely sanctified me.

Why did he not get formal education

The most common question about education of Sultan Bahoo is that why he did not get education. So he himself answer this question in his book:

“Due to the excess of revelations and effects of theophanies of light of the Divine Essence, I could not acquire exoteric education neither could I get time to practise excessive outward devotions.”

Despite lack of qualification he wholeheartedly followed sharia and Sunna

Since birth of Sultan Bahoo he remained engrossed in Divinity but he always followed the sharia and Sunna of Prophet Mohammad steadfastly and never missed any obligatory or even optional prayer. He says:

ہر مراتب از شریعت یافتم

پیشوائے خود شریعت ساختم

Explanation: I got every spiritual status through sharia. I have made sharia my guide.

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