Insan e Kamil or Faqeer e Kamil

Insan e Kamil is the Divine person who is the manifestation of the Divine attributes because he the one in which the reality of Prophet Mohammad is hidden.

The highest station of Mystics (Arifeen) on path of Faqr is to perish their being and annihilate in Divine Essence. Moreover when they reach this stage, they have crossed the state of duality. The following Hadith of Prophet Mohammad points towards the same station:

مُوْتُوْا قَبْلَ اَنْ تَمُوْتُوْا

Meaning: Die before Death.

As a matter of fact this extreme level of Faqr is famous as station of annihilation in Hoo (Fana-Fi-Hoo), Oneness (Wahdah-becoming one with Allah), annihilation in Allah (Fana Fillah), final stage of self-annihilation i.e. becoming immortal with Allah (Baqa Billah) or union with Allah (Visal-e-Elahi). Moreover this is the station of Oneness of Allah (Tauheed / Tawhid). Now when a seeker reaches here, he becomes embodiment of Oneness of Allah. As well as in the exaltation of man, this is the highest station and the person who reaches this station is Insan e Kamil ( Universal Divine Man) (al-Insan al-Kamil / Insan-e-Kamil). However, Mystics and Fakirs (those at ultimate level of Faqr) describe this station in variety of words.

In the words of Prophet Mohammad, it is the station of:

اِذَ ا تَمَّ الْفَقْرُ فَھُوَ اللّٰہ

Meaning: When Faqr is accomplished, there remains only Allah.

When seeker of Allah reaches peak of Faqr, he acquires all the attributes of Allah. Hence, becomes eligible for the title of Insan e Kamil (Universal Divine Man).


In all the levels of creation which exist in universe, the most complete is human being. While, in the entire mankind, Prophet Mohammad is the most perfect and pre-eminent person. Moreover he is Allah’s best and complete manifestation, The Sufi man i.e Insan e Kamil and the rightful representative of Allah. Equally important is that only through his mediation his spiritual descendants reached this level.

There is always a person in this world who follows the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad exactly and completely. Thus, acquires all his attributes, marvels and excellence. He, by virtue of his ardent love (Ishq) for the Holy Prophet as well as by his absolute obedience reaches highest level of annihilation in the Divine self of Prophet (Fana-Fi-Rasool). Consequently, becomes his exact manifestation in the world. Moreover Allah blesses him with His Trust (Amanat-e-Elahiya) as he had blessed his beloved Prophet. This blessed person is the perfect Mohammad i.e Insan e Kamil (Universal Divine Man) of his era and he is the esoteric vicegerent of the Holy Prophet. Thus Allah runs the system of universe through him.


Sultan Bahoo also calls Insan e Kamil, the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide (Murshid Kamil Akmal). Additionally he implements Faqr completely upon himself and reaches the ultimate level of annihilation in Allah. So much so, the difference of ‘you and I’ finishes. This is such a unique state of Oneness with Allah, where there is no duality, just singleness. Hence, his speech becomes Allah’s speech, his sight becomes Allah’s sight, his hearing becomes Allah’s hearing, his walking becomes Allah’s walking and his holding becomes Allah’s holding.

Allama Iqbal points towards this level in these words:

ہاتھ ہے ﷲ کا‘ بندہٴ مومن کا ہاتھ

غالب و کار آفرین‘ کار کشا کار ساز

خاکی و نوری نہاد ‘ بندہ مولا صفات

ہر دو جہاں سے غنی ‘ اس کا دل بے نیاز

Explanation: The hand of a true believer (Insan e Kamil) is in fact, the hand of Allah. As a matter of fact he is predominant, the authoritative, problem solver and the ultimate help and favour. Although his existence is combination of soil and Divine light (Noor / Nur) but he possesses all attributes of Allah. Thus, he holds all the treasures and riches of both the worlds like Him, yet his inward is indifferent to everything.

Allama Iqbal further said:

مسلمان بندہ مولا صفات است

دِل او سرّے از اسرارِ ذات است

جمالش جزبہ نورِ حق نہ بینی

کہ اصلش در ضمیرِ کائنات است

Explanation: Importantly a true Muslim (Insan e Kamil) is an embodiment of all the attributes of Allah. Moreover, his esoteric self is one of the secrets of Allah. Only the one who himself has the mystical knowledge about Allah, can see his Divine beauty. His roots are in the soul of universe i.e. he is aware of all the secrets of universe.


Al-Ghawth al-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani says:

  • O man! When you would reach the station of fana (annihilation), then the power of creation would be awarded to you. That is, the gift of ‘Be’ (Kun) would be conferred upon you. Thus it means that you get the authorization to destruct and then recreate the universe. Further, Allah will bestow you with power to bring change in world due to which you will run the universe. (Fatooh-ul-Ghaib)
  • Fakir is not the one who has nothing. Instead, Fakir (Insan e Kamil) is he who says ‘Be’ (Kun) and ‘it is done’ (Faya-Kun).”(Risala-Al-Ghausia)

Allama Iqbal says:

مردِ میداں زندہ از اللہ ھُو است

زیر پائے او جہانِ چار سو است

Explanation: Insan e Kamil has eternal life by the blessing of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. As well as the four dimensional universe is under his feet.


When Sultan Bahoo reached this destination of Faqr, he said:

  • When I reached ultimate destination of Faqr, Divine decree came from majestic court, “You are My lover.” I submitted, “My humble self is incapable of the love of Majesty.” Then He commanded, “You are My beloved”. On this, I kept quite. The sheen of ray of Divinity submerged me into the oceans of Divine engrossment like a mere particle. Then, Divine commandment came, “You are exactly Me and I am exactly you. With respect to Reality (Haqiqa) you are My Reality and with respect to gnosis (Marifa) you are My beloved. As well as the secret (Sirr) of YaHoo (یا ھو) lies in Hoo ( ھو).” (Risala Roohi Sharif)

In this statement ‘Hoo’ means Essence (Zaat) of Allah, whereas ‘Ya Hoo’ means the Mohammadan Reality. While, ‘Sirr’ means union with Allah through completion of esoteric self (batin). Correspondingly this is the station of annihilation and immortality with Allah where man becomes perfect. Afterwards, he attains the rank of Universal Divine Man.

In Aqal-e-Baydar Sultan Bahoo says about Insan e Kamil:

Since, light of Mohammad manifested from light of Allah, then from light of Mohammad entire creation came into being. Hence, the essence of man is light. When due to pious deeds, his innerself (an-nafs), inward and soul completely turn into light, he becomes Universal Divine Man.


In his book Nur-ul-Huda, Sultan Bahoo says:

Existence of Universal Divine Man is treasured maze of the talisman (wonders) of the Divine name and Essence.
Correspondingly Sultan Bahoo has called existence of Universal Divine Man a ‘talisman’ because he is the manifestation of wonders and rarities. He knows the secret of finding name ( اللّٰہ ) and the Essence. This secret is a treasure. Just as one reaches the treasure after solving a maze, likewise, recognizing Insan e Kamil is a maze. Whoever solves this maze, only he recognizes his reality.

Actually, Insan e Kamil of particular era cannot be recognized by people of that era through physical eyes or intellect. Rather, one needs to have enlightened insight and eyes of the soul to recognize him. As, he is more related to Divine and spiritual world than to the physical world. The only way to enlighten one’s esoteric self and eyes is contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. Hence it is impossible to recognize Insan e Kamil without contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. However, Ism-e-Allah Zaat takes to the destination of Universal Divine Man only if the man of Divine Essence (Sahib-e-Musamma) i.e. Insan e Kamil himself grants it.


In Sarwari Qadri order, when seeker annihilates in Hoo, there remains nothing in his outward and esoteric self but Hoo. Then he reaches the status of:

ہمہ اوست در مغزو پوست

Meaning: Flesh and bones, physical and esoteric beings possess nothing but Allah.

Now, he becomes the Fakir who is master of universe and Insan e Kamil. He is the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide possessing light of guidance.

Such a person is always present in universe who is spiritual successor of the Prophet. This means, in every era, the Mohammadan Reality changes its countenance in the form of his descendants, caliphs and successors.


In the Holy Quran, Allah says:

وَكُلَّ شَيْءٍ اَحْصَيْنٰهُ فِيْٓ اِمَامٍ مُّبِیْنٍ

Meaning: And We have encompassed everything in Imam-e-Mubeen. (Ya-Sin 12)

In this verse ‘Imam-e-Mubeen’ (the enlightened leader) refers to Insan e Kamil. Moreover Allah has kept His wills, commands and created universe in Guarded Tablet which is, in fact, inward of Insan e Kamil. Thus inward of Universal Divine Man is the place where light of the Divine Essence reveals. One can neither explain nor imagine its vastness.

Allah says:

اَلرَّحۡمٰنُ فَسۡـئَـلۡ بِهٖ خَبِيۡرًا

Meaning: Allah is the most Compassionate. (O aspirant of His knowledge) ask of Him from someone who has attained His awareness. (Al-Furqan 59)

Insan e Kamil becomes the ultimate manifestation and reflection of Allah. Moreover he reflects the light of the Divine Essence as well as all His names, attributes and actions. He possesses all the Divine attributes and virtues.

A Hadith states:


قَلْبُ الْمُوْمِنِ عَرْشُ اللّٰہِ تَعَالیٰ

Meaning: The inward of the believer (Momin / Mumin) is the throne of Allah.

لَایَسْعُنِیْ اَرْضِیْ وَلَا سَمَائی وَکِنْ یَسْعُنِیْ قَلْبُ عَبْدِ الْمُؤْمِنْ

Meaning: Neither the earth can possess Me nor the skies but only the inward of a Momin can possess Me. (Qudsi Hadith)

Hazrat Imam Husayn razi Allah anhusays in his book Mirat-ul-Arifeen:
The entire Holy Quran is in the opening chapter of Quran. The opening chapter is in Bismillah ( بسم اللہ ), and Ism-e-Allah Zaat is present in the inward of Universal Divine Man. That is why, he is both compact as well as detailed form of all attributes of Allah and His Essence.


In the Holy Quran, Allah says:

یٰۤاَیُّہَا الَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡۤا اَطِیۡعُوا اللّٰہَ وَ اَطِیۡعُوا الرَّسُوۡلَ وَ اُولِی الۡاَمۡرِ مِنۡکُمۡ

Meaning: O believers! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger (blessings upon him). And those (men of truth) who hold command amongst you. (An-Nisa 59)

Here, اُولِی الۡاَمۡرِ (O’ulil-Amar, who has absolute command and authority) refers to Insan e Kamil as Sultan Bahoo says:

عارف کامل قادری بہر قدر تے قادرو بہر مقام حاضر

Meaning: The perfect Mystic of Qadri order is omnipotent and omnipresent. (Risala Roohi Sharif)

Insan e Kamil is one whose outward self is with creation but inward is with the Creator. (Sultan-ul-Waham)
Fakir isO’ulil Amar i. the one whose words and orders are never rejected. As said:

لِسَانُ الْفُقَرَآءِ سَیْفُ الرَّحْمٰنِ

Meaning: Tongue of Fakirs is sword of the most Compassionate (Rehman).

His words are the order of ‘Be’ (Kun). Whatever he says is done by the command of Allah, whether sooner or later. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

He is Olul-Amaralso because his command is predominant over everyone but no one can overpower him. Moreover it is true for whether anyone tries to dominate him alone or with army. It becomes evident that Fakir himself is the command of Allah and command of Allah is always right and dominant. As says the Quran:

وَاللّٰہُ غَالِبٌ عَلٰی اَمْرِہٖ

Meaning: And Allah predominates His command. (Yusuf-21) (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

Fakir has highest rank in nearness to Allah and he is Allah’s favoured companion. Moreover, he is the one who beholds Allah. He is the Fakir who is master of universe having the Power, ‘No doubt! Allah has command over everything ( اِنَّ اللّٰہَ عَلٰی کُلِّ شَیۡءٍ قَدِیْرٌ )’. (Nur-ul-Huda Kalan)

Sultan of His Time

Ibn Arabi says about Insan e Kamil

Allah says that He created Insan e Kamil with both his Hands. Both Hands mean two major Divine attributes which comprehend all His attributes. First is Divine majesty (jalal) and other is Divine beauty (jamal). So, Insan e Kamil, who is the planner, is the soul of the world hence he is hidden. Although outwardly he is present as a successor (representative of Allah) but except the chosen Saints, no one recognizes him. Successor means the Saint of highest level and he is the Sultan of his time. (Sharah Fusus al-Hikam wal Aiqaan)


In Tafseer Ruh-ul-Byan, Moid-ud-Deen Jindi writes while explaining the opening chapter of Quran with reference to Ism-e-Allah Zaat:
Ism-e-Azam(greatest name of Allah) is actually the physical countenance of perfect Mystic (Universal Divine Man).

Ibn Ararbi says:

  • Everything present in world is manifestation of particular attributive name of Allah and that name is its God. Whereas, Universal Divine Man is manifestation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat( اللّٰہ ), which is comprehensive of all holy names of Allah. Hence, he is the God of all Gods, hence, God of universe.
  • Since, Ism-e-Allah Zaat comprehends and contains all the Divine attributes and is base of entire marvels. Hence it is the origin of Divine disclosures and is famous as ‘God of all Gods’. The person who is its perfect manifestation is exact Divine Essence. He is true man of Allah who can see Allah. Moreover, he can see every hidden and revealed thing with his physical as well as spiritual eyes. In every era, one person is on the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad. He is ‘the absolute man of Allah’ of his era and leading Saint of all Saints or ‘al-Ghawth’.

Furthermore, he is perfect follower of the way of Prophet Mohammad. He unintentionally stays in the subjection of command and proximity of obligatory works. Whatever Allah has to do, He does it through him. (Sharah Fusus al-Hikam wal Aiqaan translated in Urdu by Maulana Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui-publisher Nazeer sons Lahore, Pakistan)

Sayyid Abdul Karim bin Ibrahim al-Jilli says in this regard;

Universal Divine Man is one who truly deserves to possess all the names and real attributes of Allah as per order of the Divine Essence. For Allah he is like a mirror. As the way one cannot watch one’s face without a mirror, Insan e Kamil also cannot see his real being without the mirror of ‘Ism-e-Allah Zaat’, as it is his ‘mirror’. The same way, Insan e Kamil is like a mirror to Allah. Allah has made it necessary upon Himself to see all His names and attributes only in him. Moreover he is the bearer of the Divine Trust. Allah says:

اِنَّا عَرَضۡنَا الۡاَمَانَةَ عَلَى السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالۡاَرۡضِ وَالۡجِبَالِ فَاَبَيۡنَ اَنۡ يَّحۡمِلۡنَهَا وَاَشۡفَقۡنَ مِنۡهَا وَ حَمَلَهَا الۡاِنۡسَانُؕ اِنَّهٗ كَانَ ظَلُوۡمًا جَهُوۡلًا ۙ

Meaning: We presented Our Trust to the skies, earth and mountains. Everyone refused to bear it but man (Insan e Kamil) picked it up. No doubt, he is cruel (towards his nafs-innerself) and ignorant (of his highest rank near Allah). (33:72) (al-Insan al-Kamil page 391)


Ibn Arabi says that Universal Divine Man manifests the Mohammadan Reality:

  • After Prophet Mohammad, there will neither be a Prophet nor a Messenger who would bring a new sharia. However, after him, there will always be one ‘perfect’ individual in every era, who will be manifestation of Mohammadan reality. He adorns the station of annihilation in the Prophet. That accomplished individual is the Saint of highest level. In every era, one chosen Saint has the privilege of this spiritual rank.
  • From pre-existence till eternity, Prophet Mohammad keeps changing his physical dresses in every era. And only in the beings of ‘the perfect individuals’ does he manifest himself. (Sharah Fusus al-Hikam wal Aiqaan)

Ibrahim al-Jilli says in his work ‘al-Insan Al-Kamil’;

  • The Mohammadan reality manifests itself in every era in the being of Universal Divine Man of that age. He manifests according to the requirements and conditions prevalent in that age. Moreover he is the representative of Prophet Mohammad in that era.
  • Insan e Kamil is the celestial pole around whom whole existing universe revolves from pre-existence till eternity. Ever since existence started till eternity, he is unique entity. Then, there are different physical dresses for him in different ages (he appears in different physical appearance in each era). In accordance to that particular physical dress, he has a name that would not go for his other dress. His actual name is Mohammad and his patronymic is Abu al-Qasim. While, his epithet is Abdullah (absolute man of Allah) and his title is Shamsuddin. In every era he has new name which suits to the physical dress in which he appears in that age.
  • Among the levels of existence, the level and marvel at which Prophet Mohammad was, none else can ever achieve that. The behaviours, conditions and actions of the beloved Prophet are witness that he was unique in these marvels. He is undoubtedly Insan Kamil Mukamil. Rest of perfect Prophets and Saints adjoin him the way ‘perfected ones’ adjoin to ‘the Perfect’. They relate to him just as the ‘distinguished ones’ relates to ‘the Distinguished’. However, unanimously the ultimate and absolute Universal Divine Man is Prophet Mohammad.


Sultan Bahoo says about spiritual levels of annihilation in Hoo, Oneness, annihilation in Allah, immortality and union with Allah:

چار بودم سہ شدم اکنوں دویم

و ز دوئی بگذ شتم و یکتا شدم

Meaning: Initially I was four, then became three, afterwards two and when I surpassed duality, I became One with Allah. (Ain-ul-Faqr)

Here, he explains the levels of Oneness that, initially he was four i.e. he, his Murshid, the Prophet and Allah. When he annihilated in his spiritual guide, there remained three. Then he annihilated in Prophet Mohammad and what remained of him was two. When he annihilated in Allah, then becoming One he converted into an embodiment of Oneness of Allah. And this is the reality of Kamil Insan.

Amir Khusrow states about this status of Oneness:

من تو شدم تو من شدی، من تن شدم تو جان شدی

تاکس نگوید بعد ازیں، من دیگرم تو دیگری

Explanation: I became you and you became me. I became the body and you became its life (soul). Now, no one can say that I am someone else and you are somebody else.

How does one reach the level of annihilation and immortality with Allah?

There are three stages of annihilation: First is annihilation in spiritual guide (Fana-Fi-Shaikh). Second is annihilation in the Prophet and lastly the third is annihilation in Allah. In order to attain the level of annihilation in Allah, seeker must firstly reach level of annihilation in spiritual guide. Spiritual guide is already annihilated in the Prophet and Allah. Hence, when seeker annihilates in spiritual guide, he automatically reaches the level of annihilation in Prophet and Allah through mediation of perfect spiritual guide. So, all the effort is required to reach the status of annihilation in the spiritual guide. For that, it is necessary to have ardent love for the spiritual guide. In Faqr it is metaphorical love (Ishq-e-Majazi) and this is what leads to Divine love (Ishq-e-Haqeeqi).

According to perfect Mystics, we can reach Divine love by means of metaphorical love, i.e. love for the spiritual guide. Usually, masses consider metaphorical love as love for a man by a woman or for a woman by a man. Which is actually lust and a devilish game. Moreover the Islamic law does not allow it. On the path of Faqr, metaphorical love means love for the spiritual guide.

How one attains love for spiritual guide?

For love of spiritual guide, the method adopted in all spiritual ways is that the spiritual guide advises the seeker to contemplate guide’s image. Nowadays, in some of the chains, even pictures of spiritual guides are actually provided for this purpose. The seeker remains absorbed in imagining and thinking about his spiritual guide. This method is deceptive, as today’s age is full of deception. Moreover, this method is a form of idol worship and polytheism (shirk). As it is human nature to develop love for the one, in whose imaginations or thoughts, he ever remains absorbed. Then this love turns into ardent love.

But in Sarwari Qadri order, this method is neither acceptable nor adopted. As Sarwari Qadri order is not related to ranks and status. It is beyond travelling through realm of angels (alam al-malakut), realm of power (alam al-jabarut) or lote tree (Sidrat al-Muntaha). In fact, its beginning and end is only ardent Divine love and Divine vision. Hence, whoever is distracted by the attraction of these realms, his journey of Divine vision ends. Certainly, Divine lovers do not desire anything apart from Allah nor do they focus upon other things.

Method in Sarwari Qadri Order

In Sarwari Qadri order the metaphorical love of spiritual guide grows through contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. That is, when the seeker starts contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, he gets the image of spiritual guide first. In this way the love of spiritual guide begins.

This method has two advantages. Firstly, there is no deception in it as one gains it through Ism-e-Allah Zaat. And whatever is gained through the name of Allah can never be deceptive. Secondly, when disciple gains spiritual guide’s image through contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, it confirms that his Murshid is perfect. Moreover, it is a proof that he is on straight path. Then, this love turns into the love of Holy Prophet. Afterwards, it transforms into Divine love and seeker climbs up the destination of annihilation and immortality with Allah. Thereafter, the seeker drowns in ocean of Oneness.

Spiritual guide himself is the manifestation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. So, when seeker annihilates in his Murshid, he automatically attains union with Allah. In path of Faqr, the seeker does not have to go through hard mystic struggles. He only has to annihilate in spiritual guide through his love, then access to Oneness is an automatic process. Sufis refer to this state as annihilation in spiritual guide. The seeker annihilates in spiritual guide and becomes complete reflection of the esoteric and exoteric attributes of his spiritual guide. Since, the Murshid has already acquired unity with Allah that is why the seeker gets access at once.

Sultan Bahoo says about annihilation in spiritual guide:

  • As a matter of fact when the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide gives Divine guidance and persuasion to the seeker of Allah through contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, he makes him annihilate in the spiritual guide and takes him to the level of a different and better personality. (Nur-ul-Huda)
  • You must know that annihilation in spiritual guide is a magnificent level. Some fools are at the level of annihilation in Satan and ever remain baffled. Moreover annihilation in spiritual guide means that the seeker’s body, words and states become same as that of the spiritual guide. That is, the characteristics, behaviours, appearance and nature rather entire existence of seeker and spiritual guide become one and same. (Nur-ul-Huda Kalan)

In Sarwari Qadri order, the seeker attains all stages of annihilation through Ism-e-Allah Zaat. Afterwards, the perfect spiritual guide takes the seeker to Mohammadan Assembly esoterically and presents him before the Holy Prophet. This level is also through contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat.


Sultan Bahoo says:

  • When seeker enters the Mohammadan Assembly, firstly his being finds blessing of four kinds of efficacy. He gains this blessing through spiritual attention of four sacred personalities. First by the efficacy of spiritual attention of Abu Bakr Siddiq, he finds blessing of attribute of veracity. Resultantly, hypocrisy and lie remove from his being. Second by spiritual attention of Umar ibn Khattab, seeker adopts attributes of justice and self-accountability. Hence, sensual desires and satanic apprehensions eliminate from his inward. Third by the efficacy of spiritual sight of Usman ibn Affan, he becomes modest and obedient getting rid of immodesty and disobedience. By spiritual attention of Ali ibn Abi Talib, seeker gains blessing of Divine knowledge, righteousness and Faqr. Consequently, he is relieved from ignorance and love of world. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)
  • Station beyond all stations always remains under the sight and authority of Holy Prophet. Here, there is ocean of Divine Oneness. Moreover various waves of this ocean are calling out loudly, ‘He is One, He is One’( وَحْدَہٗ ). Whoever reaches the bank of this ocean of Divine light and observes it, becomes immortal Mystic. Fortunate one, whom the Holy Prophet himself drowns in ocean of Divine Oneness, becomes Divine diver. And eventually reaches level of annihilation in Allah. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

He says:

شد مطالب دیدن رو مصطفےٰؐ

شد حضوری غرق فی اللہ با خدا

Meaning: Seeker achieves all objectives by having the privilege of beholding the sacred countenance of Prophet Mohammad. Furthermore, he finds the blessing of immersion in the state of Divine presence and Oneness with Allah. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)


Insan e Kamil is actually the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide. This is so because when seeker reaches station of annihilation and immortality with Allah, he becomes eligible for adorning exalted throne of Divine guidance and persuasion. Referring to Insan e Kamil, Sultan Bahoo also uses the terms such as:

  • Murshid Kamil Akmal(the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide)
  • Murshid Kamil Akmal Nur-ul-Huda(the perfect spiritual guide possessing the Divine light of guidance)
  • Sahib-e-Musamma Murshid(the Man of Divine Essence).

Referring to himself, Sultan Bahoo has used the term ‘the complete, perfect, accomplished, light of Guidance and comprehensive spiritual guide! Rather, he also calls himself ‘the master of universe Fakir’. This proves above statement that the perfect spiritual guide is in fact Insan e Kamil. In Nur-ul-Huda, he says:

  • I am the complete, perfect, accomplished and comprehensive spiritual guide possessing the Divine light of guidance. I am the Fakir who is the master of universe and this is the highest rank of Universal Divine Man.


While reading teachings of Sultan Bahoo, above mentioned titles of Universal Divine Man should be kept in mind. He says;

For the Fakir, this world is just one step. He steps from this world to the hereafter. Then acquiring complete trust in Allah, he reaches gnosis about Oneness of Allah in just half a step. In the remaining half step, he reaches the ultimate level of Faqrabout which it has been said:

اِذَ ا تَمَّ الْفَقْرُ فَھُوَ اللّٰہَ

Meaning: When Faqr is accomplished there remains only Allah.

Fakir is the one who does not desire the worldly respect and status. He does not seek buildings, tombs and shrines. Rather, the perfect Fakir is one who is neither afraid of death nor is he happy with his life. Because he is beyond all these levels and has become absolute Divine light after annihilation in Allah. (Aqal-e-Baydar)
He is knower and friend of Allah, scholar of mystical and spiritual knowledge and the one having enlightened conscience. He is the lord and master of universe. Entire creation is his captive and slave. The Guarded Tablet (Loh-e-Mehfooz) with complete details is under his sight. He is eternally present at Mohammadan Assembly and the ruler over spirits inside graves. Further, he has enlightened insight and the power to enliven the dead by saying, ‘rise by Allah’s command’. (Nur-ul-Huda Kalan)
Single glance of the perfect Fakir is better than a lifelong worship. (Mohabbat-ul-Asrar)

Sultan Bahoo Describes the Status of Universal Divine Man

The levels of annihilation, destiny and submission have no access to the station where Mystic annihilated and immortal with Allah drowns in Oneness. Similiarly, the actual level of fana is

ہمہ اوست در مغز و پوست

Meaning: In the exoteric and esoteric of everything, there exists only one Being-Allah.

The person who reaches this level, is the one who has gone beyond the level of the Divine union. (Nur-ul-Huda Kalan)

The Mystic Fakir who is immortal with Allah is the one who has annihilated in Allah, annihilated in the Prophet, annihilated in Faqrand annihilated in Hoo. (Ain-ul-Faqr)
In reality, Fakir is the Sultan. (Taufeeq-ul-Hadayat)
One should know that the perfect Fakir generally lives among common people and talks about common things outwardly. However, inwardly he has attained the level of eternal Divine presence. When the Fakir speaks, people think he is talking to them. The spiritual people like Prophets and Saints know that he is talking to them. The guardian angels feel that he is speaking to them, whereas Allah knows that he is conversing with Him. Prophet Mohammad thinks that he is trying to say something to him. The body of such a Fakir shines like the sun and he is always blessed with eternal Divine presence. (Asrar-e-Qadri)

Universal Divine Man Knows Everything

Sultan Bahoo expresses;

  • The perfect Mystic has complete vision of all the inner and outer, physical and spiritual worlds. He is the one who has perfect insight of reality of the conditions of ‘Be and it is done’ ( کُنْ فَیَکُوْنَ)’. He knows the reality of pre-existence, eternity and the world, the reality of life, death and dead in graves. Moreover, he is aware of the reality of Judgment Day, reality of bridge over the hell (as-Sirat). He also knows the reality of pure heavenly drink which he drinks from the hands of Holy Prophet. To add, he is aware of the reality of conditions of Mohammadan Assembly. And the reality of Divine vision with open eyes from eternal beginning till end. He also verifies all these conditions by inward, studies them and then forgets everything (being absorbed and annihilated in Allah). This is the absolute level of perfection of Faqr which is by the bounty and favour of Allah. As well as by the presence of Mohammadan Assembly. (Nur-ul-Huda Kalan)

Universal Divine Man is the beloved of Holy Prophet

Sultan Bahoo says;

  • Fakir is beloved of the Prophet and the Divine lover of Allah. At this point, the Divine lover, beloved and love become one entity. When there is no room left for further union, then how could separation from the beloved interfere? These levels belong to those who annihilate in Allah, annihilate in the Prophet and annihilate in the spiritual guide. (Aqal-e-Baydar)
  • Know, the Fakir spiritual guide who is perfect and accomplished and possesses Divine light of guidance is Allah’s lover. Moreover, he is the beloved of Prophet Mohammad. Such Fakir is a complete Fakir because all the aforementioned levels come under him.
  • The perfect Fakirs are those who are the favourite men of Allah and perpetually present in the Mohammadan Assembly. They do not separate from Allah and Prophet Mohammad even for a moment. Although, they apparently talk to common people but inwardly they are in the company of Holy Prophet. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)
  • Fakir has got an attribute of Prophet Mohammad and that is, his greatest nature. About which it has been said:

تَخَلَّقُوْ بِاَخْلاَق اللّٰہ

Meaning: Possess the attributes of Allah.

Fakir should also have attributes of all the four Companions. That is, honesty of Abu Bakr Siddiq, self-accountability and justice of Umar ibn Khattab; modesty and generosity of Usman ibn Affan; and knowledge and Faqr of Ali ibn Abi Talib. (Asrar-e-Qadri)


Sultan Bahoo says about the enemies and opponents of Insan e Kamil:

  • Enemy of Fakirs is the enemy of Allah. (Mohabbat-ul-Asrar)
  • Fakir has three enemies: the hypocrite, envious and the disbelievers. All of them consider the world their friend. (Asrar-e-Qadri)
  • Enemy of Fakir is not free from three attributes. Either he is dead-hearted or an envious scholar who just talks but his inward is ignorant of verification of truth. Or he is liar, hypocrite or disbeliever. Or he belongs to the people of world who would not get any place in paradise. (Aqal-e-Baydar)
  • Whoever considers that Fakirs are not beneficent, remains deprived of beneficence. Who considers that Faqrof Fakir is without wisdom becomes unwise. One who considers that Fakir who is Mystic and who possesses contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat is ignorant, he himself is ignorant. Even if outwardly he is a scholar. He will surely suffer destruction in the world due to his impudence towards Fakirs. Only Allah! Everything other than Allah is lust. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)
  • Enemies of Fakirs do not know anything about Allah and are deprived of the intercession of Holy Prophet. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)
  • Fakir has perfectly purged inward and is the scholar of mysticism. Whoever objects him is disgraced in both the worlds as Fakir is the most eminent in the Divine court. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)
  • Whoever rejects Fakirs or denies their grand status, is disgraced in both worlds and remains perplexed. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)


Come! Let’s search for the Insan-e-Kamil (Universal Divine Man) of this era. And start the journey of Faqr under his guidance to reach the destination of Wahdat (Oneness). It is the level of Faqr Fana Fillah Baqa Billah (annihilation in Allah and becoming immortal with Him). A seeker cannot travel this journey without the supervision of Insan-e-Kamil (Murshid Kamil). Without reaching the station of Fana Fillah Baqa Billah, all the other spiritual levels are just tales and stories.

We invite you to pledge allegiance on the hands of Insan e Kamil, The Universal Divine Man of this era. Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman is the perfect manifestation of Divine Essence and Prophet Mohammad. He is the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide who will take you towards the Divine Essence. He will take you to the levels of Annihilation in Allah by the invocation and contemplation of Ism e Allah Zaat. Because without the guidance of the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide it is impossible to reach Allah.


Who is a perfect man (Insan e Kamil)?

Insan e Kamil is the divine soul which is fully human fully divine. He is the perfect human. In fact in Faqr, he is the perfect embodiment of Oneness with Allah. He is the one who has achieved the level of annihilation in Hoo. Hence he possesses the Divine attributes and all the attributes of Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad manifests himself in him in every era. Has a unique personality. He is an ocean of Oneness and is at the station about which Prophet Mohammad says:

اِذَ ا تَمَّ الْفَقْرُ فَھُوَ اللّٰہ

Meaning: When Faqr is accomplished, there remains only Allah.

Hence, Insan e Kamil is accomplished in Faqr.

How does one reach the level of annihilation and immortality with Allah?

There are three stages of annihilation: First is annihilation in spiritual guide (Fana-Fi-Shaikh). Second is annihilation in the Prophet and lastly annihilation in Allah. In order to attain the level of annihilation in Allah, seeker must firstly reach level of annihilation in spiritual guide. Spiritual guide is already annihilated in the Prophet and Allah. Hence, when seeker annihilates in spiritual guide, he automatically reaches the level of annihilation in Prophet and Allah through mediation of perfect spiritual guide. So, all the effort is required to reach the status of annihilation in the spiritual guide. For that, it is necessary to have ardent love for the spiritual guide. In Faqr it is metaphorical love (Ishq-e-Majazi) and this is what leads to Divine love (Ishq-e-Haqeeqi).

According to perfect Mystics, we can reach Divine love by means of metaphorical love, i.e. love for the spiritual guide. Usually, masses consider metaphorical love as love for a man by a woman or for a woman by a man. Which is actually lust and a devilish game. Moreover the Islamic law does not allow it. On the path of Faqr, metaphorical love means love for the spiritual guide.

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