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What was the title of Sultan Bahoo

Sultan ul Arifeen is the supreme title of Sultan Bahoo. It was granted to him from the Mohammadan Assembly. Sultan ul Arifeen refers to the Sultan of Mystics. Moreover, this title is prominent in the Sufi world so much so that many people claim it to be theirs.

Claimants of the title of Sultan Bahoo

When title of Sultan Bahoo i.e Sultan ul Arifeen became known in the world, some fake guides and fraudulent ones all over the world, especially in the sub-continent and Jammu and Kashmir, started using title of Sultan Bahoo with their names. Some followers and devotees of other Saints also attached title of Sultan Bahoo with that Saint’s name.

Hence, it is evident that the sacred title of Sultan ul Arifeen only belongs to Sultan Bahoo. He is the only one who has been granted by this title from the Mohammadan Assembly. Anyone else who wrongly associates this title with his name is clearly an imposter.

Spiritual status of Sultan ul Faqr

Sultan Bahoo is stationed at the most elevated status of Sultan ul Faqr. Especially the seven souls which distinguishes among all the Saints and ranks at the highest degree of excellence in Oneness with Allah. These souls include Fatimah bint Mohammad, Shaikh Hasan of Basra, Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, his son Shaikh Abdul Razzaq Jilani, Sultan Bahoo and Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali while the manifestation of the seventh soul is not known yet.

Title of Sultan Bahoo - Mustafa Sani and Mujtaba Akhir Zamani (Mustafa the second and Mujtaba of the last era)

Like Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani announced during his address by the will of Allah:

قَدہَ مِ یہ ھٰذِ ہہ عَلٰی رَقبََۃہِ کُ ہِل وَلِیہَ اللّٰہ

Meaning: My foot is over the necks of all the Saints.

Similarly, Sultan Bahoo proclaimed:

Meaning: Since the eternal benevolence has graced me with grandeur, Prophet

Mohammad has ordered me to guide everyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, fortunate or unfortunate, dead or alive and he has titled me Mustafa Sani and Mujtaba Aakhir Zamani with his pearl divulging tongue (Risala Roohi Sharif).

What is meaning of title of Sultan Bahoo

Now the titles Mustafa and Mujtaba mean ‘the chosen and the desired one’. Particularly these titles are for the Holy Prophet. However, he himself blessed Sultan Bahoo with the title of Mustafa Sani meaning ‘Mustafa the second’ and Mujtaba Aakhir Zamani meaning ‘Mujtaba of the last era’.

Henceforth title of Sultan Bahoo is a symbolic reference to the fact that as soon as the evil practices will become rampant all over the Muslim society. Then Sultan Bahoo’s teachings will be the light of righteousness. Moreover a special person from his spiritual order will promote his teachings. Accordingly he will guide people on the right path. Sultan Bahoo will spiritually support that person because he himself will not be physically alive in the last era.


There may be a question in the readers mind regarding title of Sultan Bahoo. Also this fact is highlighted in the following words of Sultan Bahoo. Which have passed on from generation to generation;

When ignorance will prevail and falsehood will overcome the Truth. There would be a variety of sects and groups. Hence, every sect would consider only itself on the right path and all the others as depraved ones. When people would hesitate to talk against the wrong sects. Those falsely claiming to have the spiritual knowledge will disguise themselves as Saints and occupy the seats of shrines to plunder wealth by looting people. Then the fountains of Divine light will start showering from my shrine.
Fountains of Divine light refer to his valuable teachings of Faqr. Which shall bring out the people of this age from darkness into the light of guidance. Hence, in this world of chaos, if the Muslim umma is ever going to find guidance towards righteousness, the source will only be the teachings of Sultan Bahoo which will be promoted by a person of exalted spiritual status from his order. In essence, he would be the one to revive the true spirit of Islam.

Another explanation of the titles Mustafa Sani and Mujtaba Akhir Zamani is that lacs of people have benefitted from Sultan Bahoo’s shrine. From where he distributes this beneficence of Faqr every moment.

Punjabi Couplet # 1

Also in the following verses, Sultan Bahoo is referring to the same fact;

چڑھ چنا ہں ت ہے کر رشنائی ، ذکر کریند ہے تار ہے ھو

گلیاں د ہے وچ پھرن نمان ہے ، لعلاند ہے ونجار ہے ھو

Explanation: O my enlightened moon of Faqr! You must rise soon and enlighten the world. As darkness has overcome it. Where the seekers of Allah are wandering in search of the Divine Truth. In the age of falsehood they are waiting for a true guide like you. Whenever they try to seek knowledge about the path of Truth from some guide, they discover him masked with deception. So they are waiting for the perfect spiritual guide who will take the umma to the right path. (Abyat-e-Bahoo Kamil)

Punjabi Couplet # 2

چڑھ چنا ہں ت ہے کر رشنائی 

تار ہے ذکر کریند ہے تیرا ھو

تیر ہے جیہ ہے چن کئی س ہے چڑھد ہے

 سانوں سجناں باج ہھ ہنیرہا ھو

جتھ ہے چن اساڈا چڑھدا،

اوتھ ہے قدر نہیں کج ہھ تیرا ھو

Explanation: O enlightened moon of Faqr! Rise soon and fill this dark and evil world with the Divine light. Where the seekers and true believers of Allah are desperately waiting for you. There hundreds of fake moons (fraud guides and their fake ways) have risen and deceived the umma claiming to be you. Now without you there is darkness everywhere. When our real moon (the perfect spiritual guide of Sarwari Qadri order who is true and complete manifestation of the Divine Essence) will appear, the fake moons will disappear and the fraud guides will run away. (Abyate-Bahoo Kamil)

Meaning of Sultan in Sarwari Qadri order

After the discussion upon the title Sultan ul Arifeen of Sultan Bahoo, it is important to discuss about the title Sultan. Sultan literally refers to the king or leader. However, with regard to its usage as title, Ibn Arabi writes about the Universal Divine Man (al Insan al Kamil):

The Universal Divine Man is the Qutb (a position in Sufi hierarchy) and Sultan of his time. (Exegesis of Fusus-ul-Hikam)
Sultan Bahoo is the Universal Divine Man of his time and Sultan-ul-Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali said:

The invocation of Hoo ( ھُو ) is the sultan of invocations and one who annihilates in Hoo is ‘the

Sultan Bahoo is the Sultan of all Sultans i.e. the Sultan of all Mystics and is at the highest status of Sultan-ul-Faqr. That is why, Sultan became a part of his name and afterwards writers and research scholars added ‘Mohammad’ to his name out of respect.

Haq Bahoo; a popular name of Sultan Bahoo

Among the beautiful and sacred titles of Sultan Bahoo, a common title is Haq Bahoo. Haq literally refers to the Truth or Divine Essence. Hence, Haq Bahoo refers to him being the exact manifestation of Truth. Many people refer to Sultan Bahoo as Haq Bahoo especially those living in the local areas of Punjab. Regarding this title, Sultan Bahoo reveals in his sacred book Risala Roohi Sharif:

الَْمُلقََّبہُ مِنہَ الْحَ قہِ باِلْحَ ہْق

Meaning: He (Sultan Bahoo) has been entitled as Haq (Truth) by the Haq (Divine Truth, Allah).

This means that Allah bestowed the title ‘Haq’, hence ‘Haq Bahoo’ also became one of his popular names.

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