Transference of The Divine Trust – Amanat e Faqr

Sultan Bahoo and Amanat e Faqr

Among Sultan Bahoo’s writings, one often comes across the point where Sultan Bahoo reveals that he was unable to find a disciple who was worthy of becoming the heir of Divine Trust also known as Amanat e Faqr. It was even after his demise that he spiritually transferred this Trust.

In a verse of his Punjabi couplet

Sultan Bahoo says about transferring Divine Trust in a verse of his couplet:

دِل دا محرم کوئی نہ ملیا، جو ملیا سو غرضی ھو

Explanation: I could not find any deserving seeker to whom I could transfer the Trust of Faqr (Amanat e Faqr). As whoever came to me wanted to fulfill his worldly desires.

In his book Ameer-ul-Kaunain

کس نیا بم طالبے حق حق طلب

می رسانم با حضوری راز رب

Explanation: I could not find any true seeker of the Truth whom I could elevate to the Divine presence granting him the Divine secrets. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

In his book Nur-ul-Huda Kalan

He says:

ہم طالبم مطلوب ہم مرشد تمام

ہر یکے را واقفم از ہر مقام

Explanation: I am the perfect spiritual guide and waiting for the perfect seeker (to transfer him the Divine Trust). I am acquainted with all the stages of both the seeker and the guide. (Nur-ul-Huda Kalan)

در طلب طا لب بہ طلبم سالہا

کس نہ یابم طالبے لائق لقا

Explanation: Since years, I have been searching for a true seeker who deserves the Divine vision and union but I could not find the one. (Nur-ul-Huda Kalan)

In his book Noor-ul-Huda Kalan, Sultan Bahoo says:

For years, I have been searching for the true seekers of Allah. Yet could not find such a highly courageous and determined seeker. Such a seeker who truly deserved the Divine persuasion. Further to whom I could transfer the infinite wealth and blessings of exoteric and esoteric treasures of gnosis and Divine Oneness (i.e. the legacy of Faqr and Amanat e Faqr). Thus fulfill my obligation of paying the charity of the Divine benedictions and get absolved of the right of Allah. (Ch: Exegesis of Mohammadan Faqr)

What Iqbal says?

Iqbal says:

اقبال ! کوئی محرم اپنا نہیں جہاں میں

معلوم کیا کسی کو دردِنہاں ہمارا

Explanation: Iqbal! In this world, there is no confidant of mine nor is anyone acquainted with the pain concealed within me.

In this verse, Iqbal explains that he is unable to find anyone worthy of sharing his Divine secrets with. Also, he reveals that his inward is filled with the pain and longing for his ultimate Beloved, Allah yet no one can understand this or feel it.

Sultan Bahoo transferred Amanat e Faqr after 139 years of his death


The given references prove that Sultan Bahoo could not find a truly capable seeker in his life. Therefore he did not transfer Amanat e Faqr (Divine Trust) and order of Faqr that is the Sarwari Qadri order. So he left this world without transferring Amanat e Faqr. Eighty-four years after the death of Sultan Bahoo, Sayyid Abdullah Shah was born in Madina in 1186 H who was eternally chosen to be entrusted with Amanat e Faqr. He came from Madina to the shrine of Sultan Bahoo in Jhang, Pakistan (then India) in 1241 H (1825 AD) and received the Amanat e Faqr from him. Hence, the Sarwari Qadri order continued from him 139 years after the death of Sultan Bahoo.

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